Entrance Controls


“Entrance Controls is committed to providing a quality value, and technically sound solution for all of our client partners.”

Entrance Controls began in the heart of downtown Seattle in 1964. Over the next 50+ years we have been committed to providing best in class partnerships which include installation, service, and design services to meet the growing safety & security needs of the Northwest.

Our Client Partnership, Operations, Engineering, Service, and Administrative staff strive to provide an excellent full service experience from the start to finish of every step in our client partner relationships.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a complete safety & security plan in order to maximize threat reduction for each individual client partner’s specific & unique needs.



  • “Entrance Controls is not just another integrator to work with. They are a true partner that embraces your goals and helps you achieve them”
    Doug Papka, CRL
    Locking Systems nw - Division Manager
  • “Entrance Controls provided quality solutions for us that not only mitigated risk, but also saved us money in the long run”
    Ashley Veal
    Salal Credit Union – Manager