Our Process

Entrance Controls has developed a specific and detailed process that all jobs travel through. Once we receive a signed contract or purchase order, Entrance Controls will hold an internal meeting to review this project and turn it over to the operations team. Our operations manager will contact the customer project representative to set up a site kickoff meeting to review the project and any final scope changes. The Operations Manager may assign a project manager who will attend this meeting also.

The operations team is responsible for the project from this point until customer acceptance. Changes in scope, schedule, and price can be processed by the Project Manager with support from the account executive or project foreman. The Project Manager or Service Manager will make routine site visits to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. The project will also be supported by a Project Engineer for training and programming during the design and start-up phases of the project.

When the project is ready to close, the Project Manager will contact the customer project representative to schedule a final walkthrough and system acceptance. If purchased, project documentation and O&M manuals will be delivered at this time. Entrance Controls service manager will attend this meeting. Once the system is accepted and signed off, our service team will take responsibility for ongoing support. The service manager will handle warranty issues, schedule Support Contract activities or preventative maintenance, and on demand requests for service.

Your account executive will support you for system additions and new projects. Estimates for system additions or new systems will be handled by the account executive and an Entrance Controls estimator assigned to the account.

Entrance Controls follows this specific process to ensure a predictable implementation for our clients and employees.